The latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🔥 DigitWork I Exhibition: NFTs — Is it Art?

Take some time this weekend to check out exhibition DigitWork I curated by Digitwork, which features 8 artists “who have a vision of life and who try to find a representation of it in the form of digital works.” You can view the exhibition and read more about it here!

🌟 ARTnews Feature

Shout out to ARTnews for including SuperRare in this great write up on how generative adversarial networks (GANs) have been supported by the blockchain! GANs are “algorithms that pit computers against each other to produce original machine-made output approximating the human-made training data,” and have been used by SR artists…

The latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🚀 How to Buy CryptoArt (NFT)

Take some time this weekend to check out this video we made including a basic explanation of how to buy and collect CryptoArt on SuperRare. The video goes over the entire NFT purchasing process from start to finish and all of the accounts you’ll need to buy CryptoArt!

🔥 Collector AMA Nº9 ft. Omz

This week, we teamed up with Omz for our 9th Collector AMA! Thank you to everyone who hopped on the Discord channel for a great discussion with Omz, who has collected over 60 artworks on SR!

💥 SR Spotlight featuring Dangiuz

This week, we featured SR artist Dangiuz and chatted with him about how he…

The latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🎓 SuperRare Classes

Today is the last day to send in an application for SuperRare Classes! If you’re interested in learning more about art curation, edition, career management, and insights into the CryptoArt market, be sure to submit an application here!

🔥 Adweek Feature

This past week, SuperRare Perkins sat down with Adweek’s Mark Stenberg about the recent hiccup in NFT Transaction Volume, and reassured him that NFTs are thriving now more than ever before. Read more about it here!

🌟 Artist Features

Congrats to Sarah Zucker for being featured as an OG NFT artist in this great CNBC article!

The latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🎓 SuperRare Classes

We are so excited to announce that we will be launching SuperRare classes! In our efforts to support the SR community, we will be launching a cohort-based course open to both artists and collectors, which will occur over the course of 4 weeks. Applications are open until May 21st! Find out more information here, and submit an application through the form here!

💥 Collector AMA Nº8 featuring YeahYeah

This week we hosted our 8th Collector AMA featuring YeahYeah! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the great discussion, and be sure to follow us on Reddit to catch the next one!

✨ Credit to the Edit Exhibition

This week we opened…

background art by @maalavidaa

SuperRare is launching a cohort-based course open to both artists and collectors as part of its efforts to support the SuperRare community.

Cohorts or Classes will happen over 4 weeks and participants will be selected through an application process.

The course will consist in a set of lectures and workshops tailored for participant’s needs. Content may include art curation, edition, career management and insights into the CryptoArt market.

Given the current reach and quality of the SuperRare network we are looking to provide a unique and transformative experience to participants. …

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

💥 Jerry Garcia X SuperRare

We were SO excited to announce that the late Jerry Garcia’s genesis NFT was released on SR this past Wednesday, curtesy of his family. Garcia’s NFT release will partner with Aerial for carbon offsets, with a percent of sales also being donated to support the preservation of our planet’s coral reefs, a cause that Garcia championed in his lifetime.

Huge thank you to The Hype Magazine, SFC Datebook, The Music Universe, PR Newswire, and Yahoo! Finance for writing pieces about Garcia’s first ever NFT, Gift.

Yesterday, May 6th, we met with Jerry Garcia’s daughter, Keelin Garcia to learn…

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

💫 What is CryptoArt?

This week, the SuperRare team released an informational YouTube video with a basic explanation of CryptoArt and what makes it different from any other art in history. Take some time this weekend to check it out!

💥 Collector AMA Nº7 ft. Web3brett

For the past 24 hrs, BlockchainBrett has been answering your questions on Reddit for our 7th Collector AMA! Huge thank you to BlockchainBrett and everyone who contributed to the great conversation, which you can check out here!

💸 Time Accepts Cryptocurrency As Form of Payment

This past week, Time released the massive news that they would be accepting cryptocurrency as an official form of payment, making the company latest media…

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

💎 SuperRare Press Features

Huge thanks to Giuseppe Schiavone at Vice for featuring SuperRare in his latest article: I Started Selling My Artwork as NFTs and It Changed My Life! Take some time this weekend to check out this piece, where Schiavone explains NFT’s and the art selling process.

SuperRare was also featured this week in Pulse 2.0, here’s a link to the article: Digital Art Marketplace SuperRare Raises $9 Million. Huge thanks to Annie Baker for writing this piece about SuperRare’s recent Series A Funding!

🔥 CJ Hendry Featured on Hypebeast

Big thanks to Keith Estiler from Hypebeast for writing a great piece about SR Artist CJ Hendry’s recent…

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🎙 SR Spotlight — Inside Krista Kim’s $500,000 NFT House

Thanks so much for everyone who contributed to the Season 2 premiere of Spotlight, where we caught up with Toronto SR artist Krista Kim to discuss her recent sale of the first ever NFT House. The 3D home titled “Mars House” sold on SuperRare for an astonishing 288 ETH valued at $512,712. Krista told us about her vision for a meditative dream home, the promise of digital zen, and the ways NFTs can lead to positive social change around the world.

🌟 Collector AMA N°6 ft. Colborn

This week, were excited to have Colborn join us for 24 hours on reddit for our 6th Collector…

The latest updates from the SuperRare team and community

🎨 SuperRare Features

Our new Features page is now live! Features provides a place where artists can share their stories, journeys and contexts of art, engage in in-depth discussions around art itself, make their visions clear, and articulate it to others.

🏙️ Exhibition: Invisible Cities

SuperRare is pleased to present Invisible Cities, a groundbreaking exhibition of NFT art presented in a virtual gallery, curated by an and Elisabeth Johs. Please take some time this weekend to look through the amazing gallery! Invisible Cities will be live to collectors worldwide until April 30th, 2021 as buy now or auctioned works via SuperRare.

Inspired by the pioneering text…

SuperRare Team

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