Christie’s Blockchain Summit — Giving away 300 Unique Digital Fragments of an Artwork

This week, Christie’s hosted the first annual Art + Technology summit in London, an awesome event put together to explore all things art and blockchain.

We were excited for the opportunity to introduce a new group to the experience of digital art collecting, so we partnered with artist Robbie Barrat and digital art maven Jason Bailey to release a limited edition series of CryptoArt as gifts for all 300 attendees.

Robbie is the prodigious AI artist that you may have seen in Bloomberg, Vice, or SuperRare, our Ethereum-based creator’s platform where his single-edition digital works have sold for upwards of $1,400 in cryptocurrency.

Robbie’s work takes an interesting form and lends itself well to the CryptoArt medium. Leveraging artificial intelligence, his GAN (general adversarial network) creates captivating and provocative visuals.

Following the first six in his series of AI-generated nude portraits, Robbie split apart AI Generated Nude Portrait #7 into a sequence of 300 similar but unique, numbered frames. Each attendee of the Christie’s event received a digital Ethereum wallet with one of the frames on it, in the form of a physical gift card. This means that by the end of the day, all attendees were digital art collectors, each collectively owning Robbie’s 7th work in the form of 300 fragments of the whole.

Thanks to the digital scarcity of the blockchain, each collector now truly owns the artwork, and can trade or sell it on the secondary market if they like.

If you received a card, you can scan the QR code here to see the unique piece of digital art that you now own!

You can find further instructions on accessing your artwork here.

To learn more about Robbie you can check out his artist profile.

To learn more about Jason’s project Artnome, check out his many great articles about digital art collecting and blockchain here.

If you’d like to get in touch about collaboration please reach out at :)

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