SuperRare Weekly Update: March 5th, 2021

Latest updates from the SuperRare team & community

🥇 SuperRare x Verisart 10x10 Collab

Monday, March 1st was the first week of our 10x10 collaboration with Verisart, where SuperRare is auctioning off artworks for 10 weeks from 10 Verisart certified major contemporary artists. This is such an exciting step for CryptoArt as we open the space for increased dialogue between the contemporary art market and the world of NFTs. Check out the upcoming drops ! And a huge thank you to Forbes Magazine for doing a piece about the collaboration!

🌱 The Environmental Impact of CryptoArt

The SuperRare team released an article commenting on the ongoing public debate surrounding the the environmental impact of CryptoArt. The article goes into great detail explaining that CryptoArtists are not the fault for the increasing amount of carbon emissions that come from minting and selling NFT’s. Please check out the article to learn more!

🌟 SuperRare Collector AMA Nº3 ft. Fastackl

This week on Reddit, SuperRare collector answered all your questions about collecting digital art and his own experiences! Collector AMA’s are live for 24 hours, don’t miss the next one on !

💎 Rankings this week

Congrats to the SR fam for 50k Twitter followers! Massive thank you to everyone who has helped us get here!

📈 NonFungibles Weekly DAPP Rankings

Huge thank you to NonFungibles for including SR in their weekly DAPP rankings again this week!

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